We are all evolving, Earth is evolving, Human evolve, Technology, Marketspace.
So is the Internet web interaction evolve. We call it:

Desktop mode

Desktop mode ‏First, they were only stationary interaction.
From its beginnings in the information period to its present-day communication and service period largely centering around the mouse, keyboard and computer screen to interact with the web.

Multi Platforms

Then the flood came and changed the way we communicate forever, The market flooded with users browsing the internet from tablets to smartphones, Screen sizes today are literally endless!
Naturally, this has led most websites simply minimizing the big screens to fit smaller sized devices.

Chat Bot

Over the last decade, ChatBots have enjoyed an increasingly greater presence online with literally hundreds of thousands of websites utilizing the latest chatbot technologies for their marketing or customer support needs.
Industry leaders predict this trend to rise significantly over the next decade.

Site BOT =)

Today, with the advent of Googles Voice Application technology, business owners large and small can enjoy the benefits of speaking directly to their clients, regardless of their location, from anywhere in the world!

It works like this:
We take a website structure
We add chat bot capabilities
We empower it with advanced voice technologies

Then you have a SITE BOT.

Rachel planning vacation.

George is on a business trip.

Marie is visiting her sick aunt.

The same product – Diverse customers experience

Let’s talk

It’s funny how our minds like to adopt inaccurate concepts. In our present golden age of information, we hold a super sophisticated computer that grants us access to all the world’s knowledge right in the palm of our own hands, yet we still call it a mobile phone or smartphone when it is clearly so much more.

Unfortunately, today mass communication requires consumers to write allot, more often, even when it isn’t natural for them to do so. We force visitors to drill through endless pages of content in order to find the right product, service, or information they need.

Wouldn’t it be easier for them to just ask for it?
Now with SITE BOT they can!

For example, let’s say you have a traditional website selling electronics, rather than having your customer scroll through your content to find the product they’re looking for, wouldn’t it be more convenient for them to simply click on a button and say “I want to buy an XBOX” and be referred directly to the Xbox page, or “I am looking for a great present for my 14 years old boy” and he will get 5-10 bestseller rated by the crowd.

Not only will this save your customers time, it will increase your chances of making a sale! SITE BOT is a unique opportunity for business owners to deliver their products or services directly to consumers while stepping up to the next level of customer web interaction.

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